RESP-PROJECT– Time for responsibility

Meetings | website | 2007


Modell of the possible growth
Modell of the possible growth


We are living in a world, which is getting more and more fast and complex. The speed of technical developments is increasing and the enormous amounts of information we are confronted with make it even more difficult for man to digest them and deal with in daily life. This leads to that one can hardly see the effect of his own actions to the big whole. The single person doesn`t see himself responsible for his actions, but the ruling authorities.
Is it possible, in a complex information society, to spread or receive lasting information, to make out the connections of the own actions to the superordinated context and take the responsibility?
The project uses an ancient way of information transfer‚ the pyramid scheme, with direct personal contact, to stand out from the huge amount of information. The participation is voluntary and not combined with obligations like chain letters.

The process: At the beginning of the project I`m arranging invitations in the cities of Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Vienna and Zurich. In each city I invite 3 to 6 people to a common evening, standing under the topic "time for responsibility". The invitation gives the possibilty to discuss about this topic. At the end the discussion will be summarized as a short text at the website. Then the guests turn to hosts, invite themselves 3 to 6 people and use the conclusion of the invitation they took part as a topic for their own invitation. With this principle the project goes on until the process dies. On the website one can obtain all reports and see how the original topic developed in different directions.

So an independent growing organism is created. People are the building blocks, conversations connect them and the website makes the process visible ‚ thus the single person can see his connection to the big whole.